October 4, 2021

FarEasTone wins the 5G Download Speed award with 351.5 Mbps With a lead of almost 100 Mbps in the average 5G Download Speed score, FarEastTone wins Opensignal’s first 5G Download Speed award for Taiwan. While Chunghwa won our overall Download Speed Experience award recently, for 5G it had to settle for second place with users experiencing average 5G Download Speeds of 254.2 Mbps tied with the 236.5 Mbps seen by our users on Taiwan Mobile.

Taiwan Mobile is well ahead in 5G Availability with 26.5% The amount of time users spend connected to the latest mobile technology is as important as the speed it offers. The more time users spend connected, the more often they will be able to enjoy the superior 5G mobile experience. Here, Taiwan Mobile comfortably won the 5G Availability award with a score of 26.5% ahead of FarEasTone’s 18.6%, Chunghwa’s 16.2% and T Star’s 14.8%.

5G Users see the fastest overall download speed on FarEasTone Those users with both a 5G-capable smartphone and access to a 5G tariff see the fastest overall download speed using FarEasTone with an average speed of 206.9 Mbps ahead of two operators statistically tied for second place: Taiwan Mobile on 142.8 Mbps and Chungwa who’s users experience average speeds of 127.5 Mbps. This award represents the complete average download speed experience of 5G users. It takes into account the average 4G Download Speed that 5G users see, as well as their actual 5G Download Speed using a 5G connection, as well as the amount of time they are connected to each type of network. Together, these measurements reveal 5G users' overall download speed experience.

We’ve recently analyzed the overall mobile network experience of users in Taiwan. In that report, Chunghwa won three awards outright — Video Experience, Download Speed Experience, and 4G Coverage Experience — but when we look at the experience using the latest 5G mobile technology we see different winners.

In January 2020, Taiwan’s operators secured new 5G-ready spectrum in the 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz bands. Both bands have not previously been used for mobile services and so will provide additional wireless capacity to support greater volumes of mobile data, more use of mobile networks, as well as faster speeds. 5G services launched on June 30, which is a very quick turnaround for Taiwan’s operators of just a few months from acquiring the right to use the new spectrum. We see the 5G experience in Taiwan is very good compared with other countries.

Wireless spectrum is an enabler of mobile services, but to Taiwanese mobile users what matters most is the extent to which the 5G experience improves on older existing technologies. In this report Opensignal quantifies the real-world 5G experience in Taiwan for the first time.

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