ChoozMo AI Spokesgirl System

July 18, 2022

ChoozMo specializes in Video-making as a Service (VaaS) and uses its in-house AI Spokesgirl system to generate videos.

What is Video-making as a Service?

Terms such as SaaS (Software as a Service) are widely known these days, however Video-making as a Service (VaaS) is a brand-new term.

Just like how companies running on a SaaS model serves its users by providing usage of its software, VaaS companies serve its users by providing a platform for users to create videos – users just need to bring in their materials and the platform will take care of the rest.


Videos have become one of the most widely used presentation methods today, and we can find videos to watch everywhere. However, creating videos is a complicated process; it has high costs: talents, locations, equipment, among many things. The filming and editing process also takes a lot of time, and usually a lot of takes have to be taken during filming to get the perfect shot.

There are currently no simple ways to simply create a video, therefore ChoozMo has developed its own video generation system called AI Spokesgirl, which allows users to create a video simply by typing in the script and uploading images and videos.

AI Spokesgirl system

ChoozMo’s AI Spokesgirl system creates a virtual person by combining the features of multiple persons, uses landmark detection to detect and track expressions and movements, and uses slide-to-video technology to get text, images, and videos to automatically generate a customized video.

Using the AI Spokesgirl system

Users can create a video with the AI Spokesgirl system in just 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Choose a presenter.
  • Step 2: Type in the script and upload images and videos.

The AI Spokesgirl system then processes the user-generated input and creates a video in just 3 minutes.

AI Spokesgirl Advantages

ChoozMo’s AI Spokesgirl system has a wide range of usage scenarios and is suitable for use in many different scenarios, including news broadcasting, training videos, product walkthroughs, and even tour guides.

The AI Spokesgirl system greatly simplifies the video making process – in traditional videomaking where people will have to gather countless resources and spend a lot of time in order to plan and produce just one video, the only things that are needed to produce a video using the AI Spokesgirl system are a script and images or videos.

The videomaking process is done in the cloud and users will be notified through LINE once the video has been generated.

There is fierce competition among many different methods to make videos, however ChoozMo manages to build its AI Spokesgirl system which allows users to create videos in a moderate amount of time, while at the same time reducing the costs required to make videos to a minimum.

The AI Spokesgirl system:

  • has high reliability, allowing users to create high-quality videos
  • is easy to use
  • allows for content flexibility, which enables users to customize their video content to their liking
  • can support videos in many languages.

AI Spokesgirl Business Model

AI Spokesgirl runs on SaaS and VaaS business model, and ChoozMo offers various plans for users of AI Spokesgirl – from pay-per-use to monthly subscription.

AI Spokesgirl Marketing Plan

AI Spokesgirl’s marketing plan targets a wide range of users, with different offerings for each target user group. ChoozMo’s Slides to Video app is available for use by businesses in Google Workspace Marketplace, and ChoozMo is currently porting its AI Spokesgirl system to an app, which will also be available in Google Workspace Marketplace in the future.

ChoozMo plans to expand its presence overseas, and hopes to cooperate with local startups and businesses to create localized AI spokespersons through localized models, languages, and voices.

ChoozMo is currently in the progress of making is AI Spokesgirl system available in English, Japanese, Thai, and Indonesian.


The AI Spokesgirl system is an innovative method to create videos without the need of a camera or actors. Through the AI Spokesgirl system, ChoozMo can help people make interesting videos for the world to watch in a simple way.

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