Gamefi new tour: step hero

September 22, 2021

Step Hero What is it? ?

Step Hero It’s based on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Fantasy Theme RPG game , It’s a comprehensive NFT The ecological system , Highly liquid NFT market 、 World class collections and Step Hero Community . The game will NFT game 、DeFi Combined with role play . The game mechanism allows players to enjoy the social network experience with other community members at the same time , And have fun and profit , Let players get benefits while playing .

Step Hero The advantages of

Step Hero Take advantage of NFT Technology to ensure gamers' ownership of in-game assets .

Whenever players face encrypted assets and in-game virtual assets with real-world value , Will worry about whether these assets are safe and secure , and Step Hero Using the best safe way , Take measures to ensure that players' data and virtual assets are protected , Measures will also be taken to ensure the safety of players , Reduce the risk of fraud or attempts by others .

Game background and main playing methods

Step Hero It is mainly a combination of interesting game plots and game playing methods inspired by ancient Greek culture , And it also has complex graphic design . It can bring a new and different game experience to game lovers . Its plot is determined by Lucifer - The Demon Lord The leadership of the Shadows The army and the archangels Gabriel The leadership of the Heroes The post apocalyptic war between . In the game , Players play hero roles , And fight villains through battle , At the same time, players can make money by collecting items in the game ( STEP COINS ), Upgrade your characters to enhance their energy .

How players can generate revenue

1. In player to player (PvP) Win the battle , You can get a reward .

2. You can sell items in the game on the market , such as : Therapeutic potion 、 Power pulse potion and homemade weapons , Can be exchanged for money .

3. You can trade after upgrading your role , The more unique the character, the more powerful , The more profits you make .

How to play the game

1. Character selection

To start playing games , Players need to start with HERO Shop or market to buy your own heroes .

Before every battle , Players can choose their own heroes to form a team to participate in , And you can complete the task 、 gain PvP Fight and apply in-game items , To constantly improve the power of their heroes .

2. Daily tasks

Complete daily tasks , Can enhance the power of Heroes 、 ranking , And get valuable things .

3. Awards and Hall of fame

After every battle , Heroes will be named , And enter the hall of fame .

4. Map

Map of the world

The world map can show the player’s game progress , The world map is divided into different regions , And each area contains multiple sub maps , Corresponding to the level that the player must complete .

3,5 There will be killing after level boss Mission . After conquering an area , Players will be rewarded ( Unlock new heroes 、 Weapons or objects ).

Battle map

After completing a battle map , Heroes will be rewarded at this level

There are many different difficulty maps in the game , Players can choose a map ( Select from the unlocked map that matches its hero level ).

5. Hero store

HERO The store is where players can use STEP Where points buy game items .

6. Against the

PvP Combat is based on the basic principles of turn based combat PvP Mechanism

In the battle , Each player can use the same number of characters ( least 1 individual , recommend 3 Or 5 individual ), Players can also choose between fully automatic combat and manual combat .

In fully automatic combat mode , No player can interfere with the game .

In manual combat mode , Players need to prepare weapons and additional items before entering the battle . then , Players build another character team , Finally, click “ Looking for a match ” To choose who to fight ( Online play function )

hero NFT market (HNM)

The market functions are quite complete , It can provide you with the best trading experience and money making opportunities , It is based on Multi Chain NFT platform , Users can easily create 、 Sell and buy NFT Digital content , Creators only need to upload their own digital content ( For example, pictures 、 Artwork ), Select blockchain network and NFT Other settings for , You can create content Limited NFT edition .