Common Use Cases of GameFi Token

September 22, 2021

Staking GameFi token used to Stake GameFi to get GameFi’s tiers and join IGO on GameFi’s launchpad.

Governance Activities Similar to other blockchain projects that provide governance activities, GameFi token holders can stake their tokens on the GameFi ecosystem and gain voting rights to important decisions.

Exclusive Discounts GameFi token holders will be given exclusive discounts in the NFT marketplaces that they can use to buy NFT items and enhance their strategies in the games available on the GameFi platform. They will also receive discounts on trading and yield fees.

Supporting GameFi’s Liquidity The fees charged by GameFi are in the form of GameFi tokens which will be used to support the token’s liquidity overtime on the secondary market.

Ecosystem Fees GameFi charges a variety of fees including trading fees on the marketplace, acceleration fees for launchpad and accelerator, and yield fees for the earning program. All of these fees are invested back into the GameFi universe.

Common Use Cases of GameFi Token